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Whether you need to pay for pool playing fees or tournament registration fees, you can now pay by credit card. All major credit cards are accepted. Here are some tips to help the process go smoothly:

When entering your name, address and phone number information, watch for error messages in red to the right of each field. You will not be able to submit your payment until you get rid of all the error messages.

A typical error message you might see is that a field cannot contain "uncommon characters." These include periods and hyphens or dashes in address and phone fields. So if your address is P.O. Box 1234, or you enter your phone number as 510-123-4567, you'll get an error that you'll need to correct by entering PO Box 1234 or 5101234567.

You will also see an error message if you leave a required field blank or enter an invalid value for fields like credit card number or expiration date.

If you encounter other error messages, we'd like to hear about it. Please email letting us know what error message(s) you encountered and what (if anything) you were able to do to clear the message.

When you have submitted your payment, you should see the message "Transaction has been approved." However, your payment is not complete until you click the "Finish" button in the lower left corner, which you may need to scroll down to see.

After a successful payment, you'll receive an email from the WCFBA treasurer; this is your receipt for the transaction.

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