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WCFBA members are MLB fantasy camp alumni who had a fantastic time at camp and wanted to keep the fun going. We organized tournaments with our good friends from the Los Angeles Dodgers Fantasy Camp. These tournaments were a big success and have evolved into annual events.

In 2001, the Giants campers formed a San Francisco Bay Area league which eventually grew to six teams when the Oakland A's fantasy campers were invited to enter two squads. In 2006, the Giants campers formed a non-profit organization to help run the league and tournament events and the West Coast Fantasy Baseball Association was born. In 2010, the WCFBA Board of Directors voted to mix the Giants and A's league players into one single player draft and make all of the A's official members of the WCFBA.

This site is not affiliated with the San Francisco Giants, San Francisco Giants Fantasy Camp, the Oakland A's, or the Oakland A's Fantasy Camp. We are a volunteer-run organization and welcome member help in putting together our events.

Board of Directors (as of 2016)

Mark Gemello, President
Matthew Schmuck, Secretary
Jeff Jones, Treasurer
Keith DaCosta
David Hansen
Rob Lanterman

Contact us at:

General information: info@wcfba.org
League information: league@wcfba.org
Tournaments: tournaments@wcfba.org
Financial issues: treasurer@wcfba.org
Website issues: techsupport@wcfba.org

If you are a current member of WCFBA, you can view a more detailed List of Contacts.


The 2019 Board of Directors elections are now complete. We would like to take a moment to remind everyone that our organization is run by all volunteers. Our deepest thanks goes out to all those that help year after year.

The 2019 Board of Director election results are:

Rob Lanterman  28% of the vote
David Hansen 27% of the vote
Jim Realini 26% of the vote
Tom Sanfilippo 19% of the vote

This year's election was the closest in recent history and it came down to a difference of two votes. There were a total of 161 votes cast.

Rob and David will start serving their 3 year terms starting in 2019. Thanks to all who ran and for keeping this great group of guys and gals continuing to prosper.

Mark Gemello
WCFBA President

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